Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 13.02.2018



    The twelfth regular meeting of Palilula Municipal Assembly, chaired by Adriana Anastasov, was held on February 13 in NKC hall. After the adoption of the minutes from the 11th session of the Assembly, the agenda was considered. After the explanations of the representatives of the competent Secretariat and the Institute for Urban Planning, the councilors gave a preliminary opinion on the Program for the regulation of construction land and construction with the financial plan for 2018 and the General Regulation Plan for the area of the Municipality of Palilula – IV phase west.

    At the twelfth session of the Assembly, the Local Action Plan for Employment in the Municipal Municipality of Palilula for 2018 was also adopted. Municipal president Aleksandar Ždrale pointed out that the Municipal leadership is committed to attracting more people to work through interesting programs, by increasing investment in human capital through training, with the support and incentives to create conditions for opening new jobs in the private sector, as well as through self-employment. The development of the economy, the attraction of foreign direct investments, the improvement of the education system and the social protection system, the implementation of the concept of decentralization and the alleviation of regional differences will greatly affect the implementation of the local action plan for employment in Palilula Municipality.

    According to the 2011 Census, Palilula Municipality had 73,801 inhabitants, of which 37,391 female or 50.66 percent were women. The average age of the population of Palilula is 41.3 years, which means that our population is “younger” than the city average, which is 42.35 percent. In the urban area there are 57,048 inhabitants and 16,753 in the rural area, said the president of the Municipality. Measures of active employment policy in 2018, the priority category will be seen by hard-working people: unemployed without qualifications and low-skilled, redundant employees, refugees and displaced persons, persons with disabilities and Roma.

    The total number of employees in Palilula at the beginning of 2016 was 10,153. The average monthly number of employees from the records of the unemployed in Palilula is 154 monthly, of which 78 women. In 2016, the number of employment was on average 551 a month. According to the Agency for Business Registers (APR), in 2016, 2,211 business entities operate in the territory of Palilula, of which 595 are companies and 1,616 are entrepreneurs.