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  • PUBLISHED 04.07.2018



    The exhibition “Diana’s Children” by the author Slađana Zarić, on July 4 in the Nis House of the Army was opened by the Commander of the Land Army, Lieutenant General Milosav Simović. The exhibition was organized by Radio Television of Serbia and the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Defense, and speaks about the action of rescuing Serbian children from the Croatian fascist concentration camp Jasenovac during World War II, from which, thanks to the noble Diana Budisavljevic, near to eight thousand Serb children were saved. While opening the exhibition, General Simović pointed out that Dijana Budisavljević was a woman of a great heart and that according to her authority in 1945, she made a great sin because she took away a file with the records of saved children and removed her from the public scene. The exhibition setting is based on archival photographs, exhibits and scenographic elements that illustrate the tragedy of starvation and the epiphany of saving children. The author of the exhibition is Ivan Mangov. The opening of the exhibition was attended by the Mayor of the City of Nis, Darko Bulatovic, representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church, members of the Land Army, retired military personnel, representatives of the associations of liberation wars and numerous citizens of Nis. Representatives of the Youth Office Palilula, Milan Marinkovic and Dusan Pujovic attended the event on behalf of the Palilula Municipality.

    Dijana Budisavljevic, Austrian woman married to Serbian surgeon Julije Budisavljevic, saved from the death more than 7,500 Serbian girls and boys from the concentration camp Jasenovac in the Independent State of Croatia. About 20,000 Serb, Jewish and Roma children were killed in the Jasenovac camp system. The exhibition includes documentary photographs, transport sheets and parts of the file that each of the saved children Diane led. The documents were found in Belgrade, Banja Luka and Zagreb archives. The exhibition brings stories about the individual destinies of children who have stayed alive thanks to the action of Diana Budisavljevic and her associates. How many children are returned to their families? Who later discovered their identity? How many of them were left to live without knowing that they were the children of Kozara and Jasenovac? The exhibition is part of the project “Diana’s Children” which includes a documentary film. The exhibition at the Army House in Niš was opened on business days from 9 am to 7 pm, until July 27, 2018. The entrance is free. (Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia, D.V., GO Palilula Nis)