Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 18.02.2019



    The Regional Office of Mediators in Niš organized on Monday February 18 a set of all licensed mediators in disputes from southern Serbia. In Serbia. There are about 600 licensed mediators, and the benefits of mediation are resolving the dispute within a month and lower costs. Still, mediation has not yet found great application in the Nišava district. The aim of this meeting, devoted to mediation in practice, was to establish mutual cooperation and to exchange experiences, the Head of Municipal Administration of Palilula, Marija Brajdic, is a licensed mediator of the Ministry of Justice whose name is on the list of mediators in the Serbian judiciary. According to Violeta Stamenkovic, the representative of the Regional Office of Mediators, which is the main organizer of this Meeting held at the Nis Regional Training Center for Educators, it is important that the public must be introduced to the work of the mediator, because their mediation in resolving cases is of importance to all actors.

    “All persons that have a license to work have been attending the scientific meeting, which is issued by the Ministry of Justice and which enables them to deal with mediation in resolving the conflict,” says Violeta Stamenkovic.That this is an important gathering, it is all confirmed by the fact that this event brought together mediators from all over Serbia, from Zajecar, Aleksinac, Bor, Nis, Belgrade, Jagodina, Pristina, who own a license. The settlement of disputes through mediation in the Nisava Administrative District has been experienced by the Niš city municipalities in the disputes with public companies, as well as the Municipality of Gadzin Han. “Our local governments in the Nišava Administrative District, and there are seven of them, still” The huge are amounts that our local self-governments give to court proceedings, and no local self-government has enough experience for now about mediation, how settle disputes and how good it is for local budgets.

    We will try to find out how well the mediation is good, what it brings, and what are the advantages when two parties enter into mediation, but do not settle the case with classical litigation, “concludes Sotirovski. One of the participants was also the State Secretary of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs Svetozar Aleksov, who indicated positive effects in the application of mediation in dispute resolution. “As the main advantage of mediation from the practice of domestic and foreign courts, I would like to point out that the average court dispute lasts 337 days while the average mediation ends for a period of about a month,” Svetozar Aleksov stressed. “So 10 times faster the mediation procedure ends.

    The costs of mediation are much lower, 20 to 25 percent of the price of regular court proceedings, which is extremely important for all citizens and businessmen who have certain disputes and can significantly save. ” On this occasion, Aleksov invited those who are considered to be able to have the knowledge to get involved in mediators or, possibly, the arbitrators and conciliators, to acquire knowledge and licenses for mediators, conciliators or arbitrators. As Aleksov says, in Serbia, more than 600 mediators have been trained so far. In order to carry out mediator tasks, an interested person must be highly educated, completed training for an intermediary, has permission to mediate, not been convicted, that he / she is a citizen of Serbia and registered in the Register of the intermediary.