Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 01.06.2021



    Participants of the PALILULA EVENING IN PALILULA GARDEN 2021 program and the organizers of this traditional event, which takes place on Wednesday, June 2, as part of Slava -Saint Day of the City of Nis, held a final working agreement before the performance on June 1.
    After the meeting in the office of the president of the Palilula, they visited the Nis Cultural Center, which was chosen as the place of the central event this year. According to Bratislav Vuckovic, the president of Palilula Municipality, a very substantial and interesting program was offered, as well as a series of accompanying events. For the visitors of the event, the tourist and catering representatives will prepare a cauldron for serving.

    According to tradition, it is expected that at the opening of the event at 19:30, after the introductory speech of the President, Palilula people will be greeted by His Eminence the Bishop of Nis G. Arsenije, Mayor of Nis Dragana Sotirovski and His Excellency, Ambassador of Sweden to Serbia Jan Lundin.

    The program begins with the performance of KUD ABRAŠEVIĆ and the Ensemble of Folk Songs and Games-MOZAIK, and then the Dance School BLACK DIAMOND, the children’s choir MAGIC NOTE will be presented. After the addressing of the Bishop of Nis, the Mayor, the Ambassador of Sweden and the president of the municipality of Palilula, DRAGANA MOLES – opera singer will perform at around 8 p.m. The promotion of six books by the authors will be announced: Ana Ilić, Negosava Stanojević-Blag reč, Nebojša Ozimić-Palilulske price, Časlav Sibinović-Fudbal u paliluli, Vlada Vucković-Niške price, Dejan Stojiljković-Konstantinovo raskršće.

    LA CAMPANELA – pop-rock band, BATA ZLATKOVIĆ – author and performer, KRAMER – rock group, GALE KERBER, RIKI, IVANA and the THIRD HALF (Zana Zanfirović), GROŠ – old town music, VAROŠANI – old town music will perform. Around 22:30 until midnight, BLACK MAMBAS will perform – Neša Saita – jazz, blues, Roma music.

    From the accompanying events, on June 1-5, the First World Marble Championship “PALILULA OPEN”, International CHESS TOURNAMENT, Football match of veterans NIS-SKOPJE, Basketball match BC NAIS-BC MZT Skopje, Exhibition of works by students of MUSIC Music, a tournament of the administrations of the neighboring municipalities “Basket 3 on 3”, football match of the wind NIS – BJELJINA (FC Tsar Konstantin Stadium) THIRD HALF – Zana Zanfirovic, June 5 at the NCC-Theater play-Comedy. (Photos by D.V.)