Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 11.06.2018



    In “Leoni” Serbia company in Nis, a triple contract on financing the training program was signed at the request of the employer for the Local Action Program for Employment of Palilula. By signing a contract between the City Municipality of Palilula, Leoni and the National Employment Service Branch of Nis, the opportunity was given to train 25 unemployed persons from the territory of the Municipality of Palilula to work in the company “Leoni.” Participants will undergo two months training for the position of workers in production in the period from June 11 to August 10, and after that to establish a working status in the factory, whose President Aleksandar Vučić attended at the recent opening ceremony. Following the protocol signing of the contract, the trainees were greeted and wished success and start of work by Aleksandar Zdrale, President of Palilula, the Director of the Niš NSZ Branch Office Boban Matić and the Human Resources Manager at Leoni Company Dragana Petrović.

    According to NSZ Branch Office Nis, there are 8,877 unemployed persons in the territory of Palilula Municipality, from this number – 3,786 are women. “We plan to continue this cooperation with the National Employment Service and employers with this type of active policy of employment of persons from the territory of our municipality and thus contribute to the fight against unemployment,” emphasized the President of Palilula Aleksandar Ždrale. “I want my trainees a lot of happiness and progress in their work, and we will do our best to involve even more people in cooperation with the management of the Municipality of Palilula,” said Boban Matic, director of the Niš NSZ Branch Office.

    In Serbia, at the end of 2017, there were 617,000 unemployed people on the records of the National Employment Service (NSZ), which is 14 percent less than in 2016, and the unemployment rate fell below 13 percent. For all programs and measures of active employment policy, the NSZ allocated 3.65 billion dinars and an additional 550 million dinars for the employment of people with disabilities in 2018. “The measures of the active policy of empowerment in 2018 will look at the priority category of hard-working persons: unemployed without qualifications and low skilled, redundant employees, refugees and displaced persons, persons with disabilities and Roma population.

    “Thank you for recognizing the opportunity that you can achieve your career at Leoni. I wish you a lot of success in learning and working, ” emphasized Dragana Petrovic, Human Resources Manager at Leoni, Nis, emphasized.
    The company “Leoni” employs around 7,000 workers in three factories in Serbia and is engaged in the production of automobile cables for vehicles “jaguar”, “BMW” and “landrover”. It is part of the Leoni Group, the world leader in cable and fiber optics, which employs around 76,000 workers in 32 countries worldwide.