Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 18.02.2018



    The Equestrian Club “Nonius” in Gornje Međurovo, with the support of Palilula City Municipality , organized this year’s manifestation “Karaveštice- Bele Poklade” on the occasion of “Poklade”, a holiday that marks the beginning of the Christian celebration of the great fasting post on the eve of Easter. This is a return to the folk tradition and the old original creation of the people of our region, say the hosts of this year’s “tribute” in Gornje MeđurovoToni and Jasna Ilieski. Participants of the event, traditionally, were greeted by the President of the City Municipality of Palilula Aleksandar Ždrale.

    That old Serbian customs still attract great attention of the inhabitants has also been shown by this socializing, which was mostly treated by the little ones. Poklade are a day of forgiveness and joy. It was thought that in the period of great fast, one should enter without sin. In the households, a rich feasts are traditionally prepared, especially the white `mrs` – `fat food period` by which this holiday was named. People beliefs linked this period of `poklade` with an increased danger of evil forces and witches, of which the people were protected in symbolic ways, such as a garlic use or the burning of ritual fire. The best mask and the most beautiful “witches”, according to the special jury, received awards.