Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 31.03.2018



    In the home of Toni and Jasna Ilieski-the seat of the Horse Club “Nonius” in Gornje Međurovo, on the occasion of the great Christian holiday “Lazareva Sabota”, the tenth year in a row, was held under the auspices of Palilula Municipality tourist and cultural manifestation “LAZARICE” 2018.

    Numerous guests, the participants of this program, children, their parents, were greeted by Aleksandar Ždrale, President of Palilula Municipality who emphasized the importance of organizing this event, which is a kind of incentive for the development of tourism in the countryside, but also for the preservation of tradition and culture of Serbian people.

    On the improvised stage, the performances of children folklore ensembles and young people were all day: from the village Međa and Donje Brijanje – Leskovac Municipality, Svrljig and KUD Abrašević Niš.

    The competitors in preparation of fish soups were also the part of this year’s program. The most successful team was the Army of Serbia (3rd brigade KOV), which won the first place. Second place went to the team from Žitpradje “Đakus”, the third place to the team “Mikić” from Gornji Međurovo and the fourth team -“Babuške”. Traditionally, the participants of the event were also scouts from the “Kralj Petar Prvi” detachment.

    “Lazarice 2018” in Gornje Međurovo were completed by the proclamation of the most beautiful Lazar and Lazarica. This year they were Maksim and Lenka, who got beautiful gifts from the organizers and sponsors of the event.