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    Marija Brajdic was born in Nis where she finished ‘Stevan Sremac’ Gymnasium (law office management). She graduated in Nis from Law Faculty in 1993 and passed legal exam in 1996. Marija Brajdic has working experience of seventeen years in the work of legal affairs. In the City Administration of the City of Nis, where she spent 13 years, she was on many responsible tasks and duties. After the graduation she worked for two years 1994-1996 as legal aspirant in Regional Court, Nis.

    Since 1993 she was registered in the Register of Bar in Nis as legal aspirant. From 1996 she worked in insurance company WINNER BROKER and in the period 1997-1999 in Public Enterprise ‘City Heating Plant’, Nis.

    In the period 1999-2005 she worked as professional associate in the Department for planning (Administration for planning and construction), then on the position of the Chief for the Department for residential affairs (2006) and professional associate for issuing construction permits (2007). In the period from November 2008 to February 2009 she was the Assistant (for legal matters) of the Head of the Administration for planning and construction, and then the Chief of the Department for construction affairs (2009/2010). In the period from 2010 to 2012 she was on a duty of the Chief of the Department for legalization in the Administration for planning and construction.

    Marija Brajdic was an active participant in the period from 2005 – 2010 as a associate professional and team member on the projects of the City of Nis interest: Beautiful Serbia, MEGA 2 in cooperation with USAID for modernization of administration and land administration, Strengthening capacities on local level, Regulation guillotine.



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