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  • PUBLISHED 09.06.2018



    After the three-hour of floating down the river, the Moravian regatta “Teacher Viden Jovanovic” in 2018 was successfully completed. It was organized by the Municipal Municipality of Palilula with the support of the Association of Recreational Fishing “EKO FIŠING”. The regatta started from the village of Klisura in the municipality of Doljevac, on Saturday, June 9, on the coast of South Morava. After gathering and welcoming words by Aleksandar Ždrale, the president of the City Municipality of Palilula and Goran Jovanović, son of the teacher Viden, members of the crew were informed about the rules of this sport and recreational activity by Ninoslav Milenković, president of the Association of Recreational Fishing EKO FIŠING. According to the president of the Municipality, this sports and recreational program, which has already become a tradition in the Municipality of Palilula, aims to show the skills and competence of participants, requiring rafting as an extreme sport, promoting a healthy lifestyle, the beauty of South Morava and environmental activities . Seven crews and five canoes started at the 5th Moravian Regatta.

    Good weather conditions and river water have made the program of regatta descend to South Morava, from the village of Klisura in the municipality Doljevac to the village of Lalinac in the municipality of Palilula, safe. President of the Municipality of Palilula, Aleksandar Ždrale, with associates, Mayor of the Municipality of Marija Brajdić and Secretary of the Municipal Assembly Slobodanka Đorđević Mladenović, were among the participants of the Regatta. “This sports and recreational program, which requires rafting as an extreme sport, has demonstrated the skills and competences of all participants. Our journey to South Moravia will keep everyone in a fond memories. This year, we recorded with the support of the Media Environment Network of Serbia EKOpolis rich in flora and fauna in this course of the river as well as some manifestations of irresponsible behavior of inhabitants that endanger the environment, such as dumped bags and plastic containers along the river bank or uncontrolled gravel exploitation, says the president of Palilula Municipality.

    In the forcing of the South Morava river, in the Moravian regatta “Teacher Viden Jovanovic” in 2018, in the length of 18 kilometers, the crew of EPS-Elektrodistribucija Nis was the most successful. The second place and the trophy were won by the crew of “Moravski brzak” and the third team of the Association EKO Fishing. According to the jury, the most successful in preparing fish soup was the team of “EKO FIŠING”. The second place went to the team “Moravski brzak”, the third place “Skeledžija” from Lalinac and the fourth “Oko sokolovo”. On the ceremony in the village of Lalinac, competitors were greeted on the behalf of the Regatta organizers and presented to them by the President of Palilula, Aleksandar Ždrale, on behalf of the family son Viden’s teacher, Goran Jovanović, and on behalf of the City of Nis, Deputy Mayor Prof. Dr. Miloš Banđur. Participants of the Moravian Regatta displayed skills and skills that require rafting as an extreme sport and successfully performed the task, organizers said. Members of the KKK Medicinar as well as the Council of citizens of the village Lalinac also had an important role in the realization of the competition. The youngest participant of the Regatta was eleven-year-old student Danilo Djuric. About the security of the competitors was taken care of by the team of the Health Center in Nis
    The Municipality of Palilula established in 2014 the manifestation Moravska regata – “Teacher Viden Jovanovic” in South Morava in memory of the brave teacher Viden Jovanovic. His great sacrifice is remembered in Palilula municipality after twenty years. He drowned rescuing his student Mladen Pejcic from the Vlasina Lake. who fell into the vortex of the lake.