Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 24.02.2019



    Under the motto “play the heart for the children of the Children’s Hematology Oncology Clinic”, the Anasambl of folk dances and songs “Mozaik”, with the support of the City and Palilula Municipality, will hold a charity concert on March 10 in the large hall of the Army Hall. With the players of the “Mozaik”, famous celebrities from the city will also dance. Along with a group of veterans, journalists, employees of the city administration, municipal councilors, doctors, directors of public companies, secretaries of city secretariats, athletes are playing.

    The Municipality of Palilula joined the project with the Head of the Municipal administration Palilula Marija Brajdic, the head of the SNS council group and a member of the women’s councilor network Jadranka Kocic.For the “famous people from the city”, we prepare a special choreography that will not be complicated and will be danced at a concert with our oldest players by the time, so they will be their support, says Marjan Zdravković, artistic director of the ensemble. We also joined the well-known humanitarian from Nis Niski – architect Hadzi Ivan Redi who will address to the audience at the concert. ” “I am looking forward to the concert that will be held on March 10th and I invite our fellow citizens to visit and buy tickets as part of this humanitarian campaign, says Marija Brajdic. At the beginning of February, training began to practice the choreography.

    In the Hall of the Oficirski Dom, we recorded a part of the “working atmosphere” we are transmitting to you. “I prepared a choreography to introduce kolo dances from all over Serbia. There is an inevitable “Moravac”, then “Uzicko kolo”, then one round from Sumadija, and everything will end with “Bugarka”, says Marjan Zdravkovic, artistic director of the ensemble. “I have to admit that I am, but not surprised, how easy it is for those who play for the first time to learn the steps. This is understandable because they are with us for humanitarian reasons and they want to help, and when humanity is in question our people show it in the best way.