Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 09.05.2018



    On the occasion of the anniversary of the victory over fascism in World War II, which is celebrated on May 9th, numerous events have traditionally been organized in Nis. Right at noon, on this occasion, the Ceremonial Academy was held at the Serbian Army House. In the presence of numerous citizens, the leadership of the City of Nis and City Municipalities, the Nisava Administrative District, the Serbian Armed Forces, the Police, the Association of Fighters, the Serbian-Russian Humanitarian Center, the civil society organization, honor the fallen Soviet soldiers by laying wreaths on a monument built in 2015, in front of the entrance to Camp on the Red Cross. Exactly at 12:44, from this place, together with the transparent “Immortal Regiment-Niš” – a column of participants of this manifestation, started with walking down the Boulevard February 12, next to the University, to the King Milan Square.

    Participants were wearing portraits of the famous people from Nis who were killed in the liberation struggle for the city. On the Monument to the Liberators of Nis, the City of Belgrade Municipalities, the Serbian Armed Forces, the Police, the District, the Association of Fighters, the Serbian-Russian Humanitarian Center, laid wreaths.
    On behalf of Palilula Municipality, wreaths were laid by the President Aleksandar Ždrale, the Head of Municipal administration Marija Brajdić, and the President of the Municipal Assembly, Adriana Anastasov.
    Victory Day has traditionally been marked by educational activities in elementary and secondary schools, as well as ceremonies around and at the military memorial places.