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  • PUBLISHED 17.12.2017



    In the presence of Serbian state officials, representatives of Nišavski and all the districts of the south and south-east of our country, health institutions and several thousand citizens of Nis region, on Sunday, December 17th, the new Clinical Center Nis, the first of four that in the following Several years have to be completed. was opened.The ceremony in Nis was attended by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, ministers in the Serbian government, Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik and former President Tomislav Nikolic.

    Having visited with prof. Dr. Zoran Radovanovic and his associates and guests this very modern health facilities in the newly built and fundamentally reconstructed old building, which began to be built almost four decades ago, but never been finished so far, President Vucic said to the people: “I am happy because in Niš we showed that we can, we know and that everyone can make a miracle out of anything and solve the problem and answer the challenge. ” “We were in the spotlight for this, showed no withdrawal, Serbia will not give up,” Vucic said. “Life and health are our most sacred mission. Serbia needs healthy people and healthy Serbia. Here, these two values meet and unite and give new hope, “Vucic said. “Here this healthy Serbia is working, it is worthy and is persistent, giving people from Nis, Leskovac, Vranje and Prokuplje, Pirot and from all over the country and the region does best for her, what an individual can do for her country today, to be healthy and brave that such a person can do even better for himself and for her, “Vucic said. He announced that investments in hospitals, health centers, equipment will continue, and that work will be done to create better working conditions for health workers. “We want Serbia to be ever better, to be more developed and stronger, to reach the peaks, to have no obstacles and boundaries, to be a leader in work, health … “, stated the president of Serbia. Speaking of the optimism of the will, he said that this is our ability to achieve what we want by doing, working with persistence and non-fulfillment. He thanked all those who participated in the project of reconstruction and construction of the Clinical Center, who, as he said, made efforts, knowledge, effort and work to realize the old dream and set goals in front of us.

    In the construction of a new and reconstruction of the old building and equipping of new institutes, institutes and clinics at the Clinical Center Nis, which will be cleaned, sterilized and handed over for use within seven days, more than 50 million euros have been invested. Approximately 35m euros are funds from loans that Serbia has received under favorable conditions from the European Investment Bank, and around 17m euros for the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment has been provided from the state of Serbia by its own sources, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Among the guests, this event was attended by the President of the Palilula Municipality Aleksandar Ždrale and his associates.

    The Clinical Center in Niš has 50,000 square meters, 38 clinics and 1,525 hospital beds, making it the second largest health center in Serbia after the Clinical Center of Serbia. One KC Niš building has been reconstructed and the other is made from the ground and has seven levels. The Niš Clinical Center will have a blood bank, a special place for transplanted patients, as well as a room for awakening patients from anesthesia. All the rooms in the new building will be double, and as Minister Loncar said, there will be no triple rooms, no partitions to make more space. The building of the Clinical Center itself is “smart”, that is, the entire building is managed from the control room. A technique is also provided to make the Clinical Center independent when it comes to water and electricity, and if, if there is a major disaster in Nis, the building can be days independently of supplying water and electricity. The reconstruction and construction of a new facility cost 32 million euros. It is a part of the money ammount, from 150 million euros, how much Serbia has received from the European Investment Bank for the reconstruction and construction of four clinical centers in Serbia. The state-of-the-art equipment was purchased with funds from the budget of the Republic of Serbia. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has previously visited works on Corridor 10 in Grdelicka Gorge and works on the construction of the `Zumtobel` factory in Suvi Dol.

    Construction and helipads: The Directorate for Civil Aviation has allocated 15 million dinars for the construction of the most modern heliodrome at the Clinical Center Nis. The donation contract was submitted to the Minister of Health Zlatibor Lončar, Director of the Directorate Mirjana Čizmarov. “This will be the most modern heliport in Serbia that will enable effective medical care of all injured in traffic accidents. The only helicopter in operation is at the MMA, “Cizmarov told reporters in Nis. The Minister of Health explained that KC Niš will be the only clinical center in Serbia that will have space for landing a helicopter “This is important because of the corridors that come and care for all injured in traffic accidents,” said Loncar.