Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 08.05.2018



    The thirteenth regular session of the Assembly of Palilula Municipal Municipality, chaired by the President of the Municipal Assembly Adriana Anastasov, was held on May 8 in the hall of the Niš Cultural Center. After the adoption of the minutes from the 12th session of the Assembly, the agenda has been considered. After the explanation of the representatives of the Institute for Urban Planning, the Assembly members gave their previous opinion on the Other amendments to the General Urban Plan of the City of Nis 2010-2025 – partial changes and then adopted a decision on the working hours of the catering facilities in the area of Palilula Municipality.

    At the thirteenth session of the Assembly, the Decisions on Adopting the Strategy for Youth of the Municipal Municipality of Palilula with the Action Plan 2018-2022 were adopted. According to the president of the Municipality Aleksandar Ždrale, this is a document that places young people not only as subjects of youth politics but also as actors responsible for planning, realization, monitoring and evaluation. Their problems and ways of solving them, expectations and hopes related to the present and the future, are translated into the priorities, goals, measures and activities of the Youth Strategy of Palilula Municipality. We are committed to the active participation of young people in all segments of social life through increased understanding for the needs of young people, and faster integration of young people. At this session of the Assembly, decisions were made to amend the composition of the Commission for Youth and the Commission for Social Affairs, as well as to give answers to the parliamentary questions.