Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 12.10.2018



    On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of Nis in the First World War, the delegation of Palilula Municipality, headed by the President of the Municipality, Aleksandar Ždrale, paid tribute with laying a wreath on the Memorial of the great Serbian soldier Petar Bojović and at the memorial-kosturnica to the archers and hangers of the Toplia Uprising in the Fortress. In addition to the leadership of the City of Niš, the Nisava Administrative District, the wreaths were also laid by delegations, military, police and citizens’ associations that fostered the liberation traditions of the Serbian people. This year parastoses were also held for the victims who were killed by members of the Bulgarian occupying army in 1917.

    The memorial-casket represents a memorial place for the victims of the First World War, as well as a mark for more than 4000 killed participants of the Toplica Uprising in 1917. It is located in the northern part of the Fortress forts. It was erected in 1927, at an authentic place of shooting, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Toplički uprising. The central, rectangular part contains an arc hole for the cone, and the left and right two-step wings mark the length of the wall where the victims stood during the shooting. Relief. in the central part was set up in 1931, and is the work of the sculptor Slavko Miletic. Two memorial plates with the names of 33 killed participants of the Toplica Uprising were placed at the tomb in 1937. In World War II, Bulgarian fascists damaged the costume, and in 1951 it was closed with a concrete slab. It was placed under state protection in 1983.

    After the break-up of the Thessaloniki Front in 1918, the action of the Serbian army began for liberating the the territories occupied by Bulgaria, which capitulated on September 29, 1918. The troops of the First Serbian Army under the command of Petar Bojovic, October 9, 1918, started the operation for the liberation of Nis. The Moravian Division won Selicevica on October 10th and continued the break towards Gorica and Bubanj. Finally, on the 12th of October, Nis was liberated in the First World War. After three days, the troops of allied armies arrived in the city. Petar Bojović was given theOrder of the Yugoslav First Crown, the Order of Karadjordje’s First Star Order and the French Order of Legion of Honor.