Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 19.08.2019



    The President of the Faculty of Law, Security and Management “Constantine the Great” in Niš and the Vice-Dean of the Union University “Nikola Tesla” Belgrade, Prof. Dr. Emeritus Andon G. Kostadinovic, received the President of Palilula, Aleksandar Zdrale.

    On this occasion, a business cooperation agreement was signed and Professor Kostadinovic was presented with a letter of thanks by the Municipality of Palilula for successful cooperation, receiving the title of Honorary Doctorate from the VUSI academic community for security and economics from Plovdiv, Bulgaria and contributing to the development of science and higher education in the community.”

    Let me congratulate you on receiving the high honorary doctorate awarded to you in Bulgaria. We greatly appreciate your results, those you have achieved in the field of science in the field of sociology of work and safety on the one hand, and those you achieve daily in education, thus doing a great deal for the development of our municipality and the entire city, said President Alexander Zdrale. I am honored by this reception in the Palilula Municipality, which occupies a large territory, is developing rapidly and is making a significant contribution to my city, said Prof. Andon Kostadinovic. Work and education are the main pillars of our country, without them there is no development and no future for any society. It also implies an awareness that work and education are an indispensable key to the development of every municipality and community as a whole.