Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 30.11.2017



    The tenth session of Palilula Municipal Assembly, chaired by Adriana Anastasov, was held on November 30 in the hall of the Niš Cultural Center. After the adoption of the minutes from the 9th Assembly of the Assembly, the councilors adopted the Decision on Amendments to the Decision on the Budget of Palilula Municipality for 2017.

    According to Ivan Dragisic, head of the Department for Finance, Property and Legal Affairs of the Administration of Palilula Municipality , “this amendment harmonized the budget expenditures of the Municipality with the dynamics of income. With this change, this year’s budget of Palilula Municipality City is reduced by five million dinars and now it amounts to 150,414,000 dinars.

    Palilula President Aleksandar Zdrale stressed that the savings measures gave the results. The decision on amendments and supplements to the budget decision for 2017 does not jeopardize the functioning of the Municipality of Palilula, both in the realization of budget revenues and in the execution of expenditures in the form of settlement of all due liabilities. Within the agenda item – Answers to parliamentary questions and initiatives, the councilors pointed to certain infrastructure problems and other problems n the settlements of the municipality. It was pointed out the need to keep and preserve Memorial Park of Bubanj, the arrangement of the Old Cemetery of Gorica, sports grounds in Pasi Poljana, and also concern was expressed about the emergence of new wild dumps at locations that are already cleared.