Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 09.02.2018



    In Nis cultural center, on February 8th and February 9th, training was held for the women from the territory of Palilula,, named “ROAD TO A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR”. Having finished the training program, Adriana Anastasova, President of the Assembly of Palilula Municipality and Javorka Randjelovic, Coordinator of the Women’s Council Network of the Assembly of Palilula Municipality, presented the certificates to future “entrepreneurs”.

    This two-day program, initiated by Palilula Municipality, was held within the project “Providing assistance to women for easier self-employment and employment through education in the field of entrepreneurship”, as part of the implementation of the “Strategy for the Promotion of Gender Equality of the Municipal Municipality of Palilula-Niš with the Action Plan 2017 -2021. ephasized Adriana Anastasov, President of the Assembly of the GO Palilula, who opened the meeting with the team of the Department for Economy and Local Development GO Palilula (Milan Nikolic and Dragan Stoiljkovic).

    Future female entrepreneurs, on the first day of education, were visited and greeted, by Aleksandar Ždrale, President of Palilula Municipality. He emphasized that the program of economic and social empowerment of women implies creating conditions for their inclusion in educational programs, networking and starting their own business, starting from the basic idea to possible forms of realization. For the participants of the training, the project organizer prepared a special brochure with basic information on competitions, public invitations and programs in the field of entrepreneurship development. Lecturers of the two-day education from the National Employment Service and the professional services of the Department for Economy and Local Development of Palilula Municipality tried to explain the Law regulations, classification of business activities and legal aspects of the business., then to meet participants with business ideas, Basics of Entrepreneurship – concept, significance, specifics and advantages, Procedure and conditions for establishment of an entrepreneurial activity, Paid taxation of independent activities, talk about legal forms of companies, Taxes and contributions for entrepreneurs, On taxes and contributions to income from independent activities, On the basis of the tax system in Serbia and VAT. On the second day of the training, the development and importance of the Business Plan was discussed.

    Palilula Municipality adopted the “Strategy for the Promotion of Gender Equality of the Municipality of Palilula-Niš with the Action Plan 2017-2021. year ” and took into account the overall local policy in order to eliminate discrimination against women, improve their position and integrate the principles of gender equality in all areas of the functioning of the institutions of the system and the introduction of gender budgeting into their budgets.