Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 13.01.2020


    In the spirit of celebration of Serbian New Year, according to the Julian calendar, in the hall at the swimming pool of the Čair Sports Center, the Delfin Swimming Club organized a ceremony and the distribution of New Year’s presents, donated by the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education in Niš.

    The host was welcomed by the club’s coach Miljan Perovic, who emphasized that “it is this support of institutions and friends, with the great effort of people with disabilities and their families, that results in great results`. In the presence of members of the Club, donors, member of Palilula Lazar Dinic Municipal Council, local media, New Year’s presents were distributed.

    According to Jasmina Barac-Perovic, Delfin Swimming Club was founded in 2009 at the initiative of members of the Association of Students with Disabilities.
    Also with this gathering of the members of the club with physical disabilities and children with mental disabilities sent a clear message to the public that the festive joys, care, and support of society are very much needed in this population. Palilula Municipality has recognized this and regularly supports the work and projects of associations bringing together persons with disabilities.