Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 22.04.2020


    According to the President of the Emergency Situations Headquarters of the City Municipality of Palilula, Aleksandar Ždrale, an invitation was sent to pensioners-old people from the area of the Municipality of Palilula whose pensions are less than 30,000 dinars and who have not yet applied for help packages to call the Municipal Contact Center to complete the records. is necessary for the distribution of “assistance packages” intended for this group of pensioners.

    The packages will also be handed over to pensioners of agricultural and family pensions, and families with two pensioners who meet the conditions will receive two packages. The City of Nis has set aside 100 million dinars for aid packages for pensioners whose pensions amount to 30 thousand dinars. City municipalities have taken over the organization of the complete distribution of packages. Phones that pensioners should call are: 060 0209410, 282-380, 265-868, 069 / 648-237,069 / 648-247,069 / 648-317,069 / 648-266, 060 / 0209-407, 060 / 0209-408,060 / 0209-409, and calls can be made from 8 am to 4 pm. So far, 950 packages of food and chemical products have been picked up and are being distributed. The package distribution campaign continues.