Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 25.01.2021



    In Palilula Municipality, the President of the Municipality Bratislav Vuckovic, Dragan Terzic, the Head of the Department for Affairs of the President, the Council and the Assembly held a meeting with the delegation of the “FOOD BANK” project on January 25.

    This conversation was attended by Aleksandar Vidaković, President of the Food Bank South and President of the Federation of Food Banks of Serbia, Gordana Lazarević, Chief Coordinator for Social Policy, Maja Mladenović, Coordinator of the Food Bank and the Association for Victims of Violence Hajr and Teofil Ralević, Executive Director of the Food Bank”.

    In Municipality of Palilula, according to President Vuckovic, the budget funds provided for assistance and support to social categories of citizens are insufficient and often directed exclusively on the principle of priority. As the management of the Municipality, we went beyond the existing practice. We have initiated cooperation and partnerships with institutions and civil society organizations in the field of social protection, especially of vulnerable groups.

    From the Center for Social Work, we receive data on the state of social needs of citizens in our territory, which additionally obliges and motivates us to actively participate in improving the social status of citizens on a personal, family and wider social level.