Gradska opstina Palilula

  • latinica

  • PUBLISHED 07.11.2020


    Неопходне мере за спречавање ширења инфекције новим корона вирусом


    • • Ensure access to safe drinking water
    • • Provide conditions for hygienic handwashing (sufficient number of places with liquid clean water, soap dispensers, disinfectants and paper napkins)
    • • Provide disinfection barriers (in front of the entrance to the facilities, sanitary rooms and kitchens install mats soaked in disinfectant)
    • • Ensure hygienic disposal of waste
    • • Ensure the ventilation of the premises several times a day while maintaining optimal room temperature
    • • Avoid consuming raw or undercooked foods of animal origin
    • • Increase consumption of foods rich in vitamins with a thorough washing of fruits and vegetables; increase fluid intake
    • • Clean, wash, and disinfect several times a day: sanitary facilities, corridors, workrooms and surfaces, handrails, handles, electronic devices who come in contact with hands…
    • • Provide a responsible person in the facility for the implementation of internal cleaning supervision, with a record list of execution
    • • Stricter measures for disinfection of dishes, utensils, furniture, and floors in buildings for the production of food, kitchens, health care facilities, preschools, schools, boarding schools, and social institutions protection
    • • Follow personal hygiene measures.