Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 15.10.2018



    The panel discussion “Strengthening the capacities of agricultural production through association in the cooperative and development of organic production”, which was held on 15 October in the hall of the Nis Cultural Center NKC was organized by the Cooperative Association of Nišavski and Toplički District and the Municipality of Palilula, was an opportunity for Palilula farmers to hear new information on current issues of cooperatives and agricultural production. Following the welcome speect by the President of the Municipality of Palilula, Aleksandar Ždrale, about “the establishment of a cooperatives and cooperative principles” was delivered by graduated engineer Anita Ilić from the Cooperative Association of Nišavski and Toplički District, and Prof. Dr. Vladan Pešić spoke about Organic Agricultural Production. “Co-operation in Serbia is at a much lower level than European countries and standards,” said Anita Ilić at the tribune. Cooperativity, as a system of association of small and medium-sized businessmen in order to achieve common interests and business improvement, is one of the best forms of agricultural business in Europe. Statistics show that in these countries around 300,000 cooperatives employ about 4,800,000 workers.

    On the territory of the Municipality of Palilula, which is a unit of local self-government of the City of Nis, there are 15 villages that lean on the narrower urban part. In the plain region, these are: Lalinac, Krušce, Mramor, Mramorski Potok, Novo Selo, Čokot, Donje Međurovo, Gornje Međurovo, Bubanj Selo, Pasi Poljana and in the mountain-mountainous region: Donje Vlase, Gabrovac, Berbatovo, Vukmanovo, Suvi Do. The total agricultural area of the Municipality of Palilula is 7,395 ha. Of this, 6,648 ha are arable land, and 747 ha are pastures. In Palilula, the “Strategic Development Plan” as the primary task is the activity on the revitalization of the village, which in the future is expected to be the basis for the sustainable development of the City Municipality of Palilula and the City of Nis.