Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 12.10.2019


    The Liberation Day of the City of Niš, in the First World War of 1918, was marked by laying wreaths and paying respect on the monument to Petar Bojovic across the City Hall and on the memorial plaque to General Tranie. Delegations of the city, city municipalities, Nisava administrative district, army, police, scouts and citizens’ associations nurturing the traditions of the Serbian people laid wreaths on the monuments dedicated to the Grand Duke of Serbia and the patriotic victims. Natasa Pecic Kostadinovic, Vladan Barac, Dragaa Gavrilovic paid respect on the name of Palilula Municipality.

    On 9th October 1918, units of the First Serbian Army under the command of the celebrated Serbian military commander and Duke Petar Bojovic, erupted into the area of Nis – Zaplanje and Gornji Dobric. Then they occupied the initial schedule for a general assault on the last enemy line of defense of Niš. In parallel with the Serbian army, the French army also took part. It was a French cavalry brigade within the cavalry division, which was already in the valley of the Kutina River, 30 kilometers from the city. In these last fights for Nis, beside the army, the citizens took part, even women and children, forcing Germans to Pantelej Church which provoked ridicule atmosphere.
    The once-powerful Wilhelm’s army was then beaten by the common people from Nis. The population was disarming German garrisons and units and handing over captured and seized weapons to incoming Serbian and French troops.