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  • PUBLISHED 29.06.2019


    Ideal weather conditions and water flow of the South Morava River made the program descend safely through the 6 Moravian Regatta “Master Viden Jovanovic” 2019 from the village of Donje Medjurovo to the village of Lalinac in Palilula municipality. 11 crews participated: Medoševac, PUC Mediana, South Morava 1, EPS EPS Niš, Union Railway Niš, South Morava 2, Dolphins, Meraklije, EKO fishing, Moravian rapids, Skipper and four canoes KKK Medicinar Niš.

    Palilula Municipality, in cooperation with the EKO FISHING Recreational Fishermen’s Association, has successfully organized this attractive sports and recreational program again this year in support of citizen association activities and enhancing cooperation in the field of recreational sports programs and environmental protection. “Our trip to the South Morava, this year starting from Donji Medjurov, will remain in dear memory. Our sports and recreational program, which requires rafting as an extreme sport, displayed the skills and agility of all participants. We have noted, with the support of the Media Ecological Network of Serbia EKOpolis, the richness of flora and fauna in this river stream, as well as some occurrences of irresponsible behavior of the inhabitants that threaten the environment, such as wild landfills, discarded plastic packaging and waste water along the river bank, or uncontrolled exploitation of gravel, ” said Palilula municipality president – Alexander Zdrale.

    After a three-hour river `voyage`, the first crew to arrive was Moravian rapids. The second place and the cup were won by the crew of the South Moravia and the third team by the EPS-Elektrodistribution Nis Nis. The standings of the other participants of the Regatta are as follows: Crew Dolphin fromSarlin, Doljevac took fourth place, fifth place went to crew Medoševac, sixth place to crew Skipper, seventh crew Meraklija, eighth Union Railways Niš, ninth PUC Mediana 1 and tenth PUC Mediana 2. The kayak canoe of the Medicinar Nis Club, with four canoes, was a support to the crews in forcing the river. The youngest participant of the Regatta was 12-year-old pupil Nikolina Stevanovic. The safety of competitors on the route was also taken care of by the team of the Health Center in Niš, Ivana Randjelovic and Dr. Miodrag Gojkovic. Moravian regatta participants showed the skills and skills required by rafting as an extreme sport and successfully completed the task, the organizers said. At the ceremony in the village of Lalinac, the competitors were greeted on behalf of the organizers of the Regatta and presented with awards, goblets and letters of thanks, by Palilula president Aleksandar Zdrale, on behalf of the family the son of a teacher Viden, Goran Jovanovic and Ninoslav Milenkovic of the Recreational Fishermen Association of EKOfishing Nis.

    The Morava River is the backbone of central Serbia. It consists of the South and West Moravas that meet at Stalac. The southern Morava is formed by the streams of the Kljuc and Slatina rivers creating the Golema River, which, after crossing the Macedonian-Serbian border, is known as the Binačka Morava. After 49km, Binačka Morava meets with Preševo Moravica, near Bujanovac, and the remaining 246 km flows as South Morava. Morava or Velika Morava is formed by the merger of West and South Morava near the town of Stalac. It flows into the Danube between Smederevo and Kostolac. Morava, along with the West Morava, is the largest Serbian river. The length of the Great Morava alone is 185 km.

    According to the jury, consisting of Ivana Randjelovic, Doctor Miodrag Gojkovic and representative of the Lalinac Citizens Council Ljubisa Kocic, the most successful in preparing fish broth, was the team “Moravian rapids”, the second place went to the team Lalinac and the third place to the team “Viden Jovanovic “. Even the most successful cooks in the preparation of the fish stew were presented with awards. The municipality of Palilula established in 2014 the holding of the Moravian Regatta – Teacher Viden Jovanovic in South Morava in memory of the brave teacher Viden Jovanovic from Branko Miljkovic Elementary School. His great sacrifice is remembered after more than twenty years in the municipality of Palilula. He drowned rescuing his student Mladen Pejcic from Vlasina Lake. who fell into the swirling lake.