Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 10.12.2018



    At the seventeenth regular session of the Municipal Assembly of Palilula, held on December 10, 2018, the proposal of the Decision on the budget of the Municipality of Palilula for 2019 in the amount of 139,967,600.00 dinars was adopted.

    “The budget for 2019 is smaller compared to this year for 3,165,370.00 dinars, but this will not endanger the normal functioning of the City Municipality. For the next year, according to the head of the Finance, Property and Legal Department of Ivan Dragisic, expenditures for preschool education (500,000.00), primary education (1,000,000.00), culture development (2,500,000.00), sports development (2,500,000.00) are planned, but also funds for incentives for employment (1,000,000.00), as well as funds for the most vulnerable inhabitants of the municipality of Palilula.

    For the next year, funds have been allocated (2,500,000.00) for the maintenance of the chlorinating stations of rural waterworks in the villages. At this session of the Assembly, chaired by Adriana Anastasov, the Human Resources Plan for the year 2019 of the Administration of the Municipal Municipality of Palilula was adopted, which was explained by the Head of the Department for Legal and Common Affairs, Nataša Pećić. Members of the Municipal Assembly of Palilula gave their previous opinion on the proposal of the Business Program for 2019, JKP “Directorate for the construction of the City of Nis” explained by Jovan Jovanovic; JKP “Public Transport Directorate of the City of Nis (Svetolik Cvetkovic); JKP “Tržnica” (Ljiljana Lalović); JP “Institute for Urbanism”, (Rapporteur Miroljub Stankovic, MA, Director); JKP “Gorica” (Slaviša Stamenković); JP “NIŠSTAN” (Olgica Lazić), at this session, the Decision on the fees of councilors, members of working bodies and parliamentary groups in the Municipal Assembly of Palilula was adopted.