Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 17.09.2019



    For the eleventh year in a row, in the form of a yearbook, traces of work and life in the Nis municipality of Palilula are recorded and documented. The promotion of the new edition of “Palilulske novine” was held at the Nis Cultural Center NKC on September 16 as part of the celebration of Saint`s Day – “The Assembly of Serbian Saints”.

    At the time of “project financing” activities, privatization of local media and insufficient presence of the public media service to report on local events, our newsletter repeatedly confirmed the justification for its existence, said Palilula Municipal President – Aleksandar Zdrale. Especially in implementing the media component of the cross-border projects we are implementing with Bulgaria. Thanks to the yearbook, our donors, most often EU funds, had relevant information on the sustainability of projects and dedicated spending of funds, and citizens on the importance of supporting the local community and the commitment of the Municipality’s leadership to its development.

    “The journey of eleven years of“ documented trace ”of activities in Palilula City Municipality is a very significant and valuable document of one time. Our notes and photographs, over the course of one year, have been made available on the pages of the `Palilulske novine` chronicle and are available to the citizens and councilors of the municipal assembly both in print and in electronic form. This year’s eleventh edition, with forty pages in twenty sections, covers the most significant activities of the Council, the Administration and the Municipal Assembly, organizations and institutions, receptions and meetings in our local government unit of the City of Nis, says Dragan Vidojković, editor-author of this publication. `Palilulske novine` is used for protocol activities and distributed free of charge to citizens, organizations and institutions.