Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 24.12.2018



    At the last year’s Council meeting of the District, held in the Nišava Administrative District on 24 December, the presidents of local self-governments and city municipalities got acquainted with the future network of schools in the territory of the Nisava Administrative District. The President of the Municipality of Palilula, Aleksandar Ždrale, also participated in the work of the Council.

    According to the School Administration Nis, due to the reduction of the number of children and, accordingly, the departments, 10 percent of schools in the district of the District until 2020 will be abolished. The merger of schools is inevitably in the territories of the municipalities of Aleksinac, Crveni Krst, Pantelej, Niška Banja, while the existing schools with more than 1000 pupils in Doljevac and Merošina will be divided.Summarizing the year behind us, the head of the Nisava Administrative District, Dragana Sotirovski, assessed very successful meetings with the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zoran Mihajlović and her closest associates who visited the District several times, then campaigns for increasing the birth rate and the Minister’s visit without Portfolio Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic in Aleksinac and Mediana, when mothers were presented with gifts. Meetings with Minister without portfolio in charge of regional development and work of public companies Milan Krkobabic and Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Branislav Nedimovic were also evaluated as very successful, since local governments in the territory of the Nisava Administrative District, thanks to the understanding of Ministries, fulfilled plans for this year.

    The cooperation of the Nisava Administrative District with the Ministry of Youth and Sports in connection with the purchase of sports equipment for school yards will also continue in 2019. The President of Razanj, Dobrica Stojković, pointed out a good new way of cooperation with the Nisava Administrative District and the quick end of the road from Ćićevac to Ražanj after meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Mihajlović. The reconstruction of the kindergarten was completed with the means of forcible politics. The Health Center has been completed, and in the next year funds from the school investment office in the Municipality of Ražanj will be expected. In 2019, Aleksinac expects the construction of the Center for Social Work and the Center for Dialysis. In this municipality, a dike near the South Morava near Vitkovac was completed, the construction of an additional building one and the adaptation of another primary school.

    The last phase of the construction of a water treatment plant is in progress. The schools, bridges and secondary sewage started in Merošina.The priorities will be the working zone and implementation of IPA projects. The proposal of the Municipality of Merošina is that the Minister of Health Zlatibor Lončar sees the village ambulances on the ground and helps to examine the problems of the patients on the ground. The purchase price of sour cherries and the activation of the refrigerator machine in Merošina, suggestions for a conversation with Nedimović. In Gadzin Hahn, the kindergarten was completed with means for pro-life politics. The sports hall, the physical education room in Zaplanjska Toponica, is finished, so that no schools in the territory of this region have a bad toilets. In the next year, Gadzin Han will get a new market place, an industrial zone and a secondary sewage system. Both Gadzin Han and Svrljig proposed a meeting with the Minister of State Administration and Local Government Branko Ružić. Svrljig received this year the reconstruction of the road from 50km to Stara planina, which is the development center of that municipality, as well as reconstructed kindergartens from the Ministry of Pronatal Policy.

    Of our city’s municipalities, Mediana will also strive for a birth policy next year. For Pantelej the priority will be arranging the ataric roads, the development of tourism, the rehabilitated outpatient clinic, as well as the lights of Malca road loop. Palilula insists on meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Zorana Mihajlovic due to the crossing point at the school “Mija Stanimirovic”.