Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 11.11.2018



    At the Military Cemetery at Delijski Vis in Palilula, at the memorial-ossuary in the Serbian part of the cemetery and on the memorial where British soldiers were buried. a ceremony was held for laying wreaths and honoring on the occasion of the Day of Armistice in the First World War. The Rector of the Prizren Bogoslovija, Protostoj Stavrofor Milutin Timotijevic, served memorial religious service for the dead soldiers and victims of war, and then reminded the citizens that “the freedom of one nation is the greatest value and that is why our obligation is to pay the victims honor with due honor.”

    By marking the 100th anniversary of the signing of the ceasefire, we express our deepest respect for the military and civilian victims who lost their lives for peace and freedom. Representatives of the City, city municipalities, Serbian Army, police, and associations of fighters and descendants of warriors, Kolo srpskih sestara, honored the victims of the Great War. On behalf of the City of Nis, the President of the Assembly, Rade Rajkovic, a member of the City Council, Jelena Mitrovski, and the Deputy Mayor, PhD Milos Bandjur, laid the wreath. And the delegation of the Municipality of Palilula, in whose territory the Military Cemetery is located, led by the President of the Municipality of Aleksandar Ždrale, paid homage to the victims of the Great War. In this memorial complex-army cemetery in Delijski Vis, two and a half thousand Serb soldiers were buried, who gave life for the freedom of the people. The military cemetery is under protection from 1989, and the project of further arrangement of the area is intended to transform aussuary into a memorial complex. The Day of Armistice in the First World War and the capitulation of Germany – November 11, is celebrated in all countries signing the peace. in memory of all innocent victims between 1914 and 1918. Since 2012, Serbia has been celebrating a series of events as a national holiday. In the “great war”, Serbia lost one million and seven hundred and fifty thousand citizens, and over 50 million people died in the world.

    Following the honors of Serbian soldiers, the delegation of the City of Nis and the City Municipality of Palilula, headed by the President of the Municipality, Aleksandar Ždrale, as well as other organizations and associations, laid wreaths at the English military cemetery. Military cemetery of the British Commonwealth was founded in 1915. On the occasion of the installation of the Memorial of the Cross, on May 12, 1929, the cemetery was revenged by the bishop of Nis at the time, Dositej. The English cemetery extends over 300 square meters and is enclosed by a stone fence. It was put under the protection of the law in 1983. The architect Robert Lorimer was a cemetery designer. On that day, as the press reported, the fraternal cooperation between English and Serbian soldiers in the fight against the common enemy, reinforced the English-Serbian friendship even more.