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  • PUBLISHED 05.05.2020


    In accordance with the Decision on declaring a state of emergency on the territory of the entire Republic of Serbia (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 29/2020) of March 15, 2020. year, based on Article 9 of the Decision on the organization and functioning of civil protection in the territory of the City of Nis (“Official Gazette of the City of Nis” No. 38/11) City Headquarters for Emergency Situations of the City of Nis, based on assessment and at the session held on 04.05.2020. year, brings:

    Order and instruction:

    That based on the recommendation of the Institute of Public Health Nis, the work of catering facilities, bookmakers, casinos and slot machine clubs must be organized so as to minimize the possibility of transmission of SARS-COV-2 virus (new corona virus) between all persons. who stay in the facility (guests, users and employees).That based on the recommendation of the Institute of Public Health Nis, the work of catering facilities, bookmakers, casinos and slot machine clubs must be organized so as to minimize the possibility of transmission of SARS-COV-2 virus (new corona virus) between all persons. who stay in the facility (guests, users and employees).This will be achieved by constant application of the most important prevention measures – social distancing, wearing personal protective equipment, measures of personal and general hygiene enhanced to the highest possible level and constant disinfection.It is important to monitor compliance with these measures.

    THE WORK OF CATERING AND FOOD PREPARATION AND DELIVERY FACILITIES CAN BE PERFORMED IN THE FOLLOWING WAY:Food delivery to your home addressCounter sale of food and beverages (kiosks, etc.)Operation of outdoor catering facilities (gardens)Operation of catering facilities indoorsCombined facilities, which perform their activity in two or more ways MEASURES TO BE FOLLOWED DURING MANAGEMENT AND WORK:Before opening the facility:Organize work and shifts in relation to the conditions with the obligatory application of protective measures.Provide the required amount of prescribed personal protective equipment for employees and disinfectants for employees and users.Mandatory wearing of personal protective equipment by all employees during the work process (masks, work uniforms and, if necessary, gloves).

    Employees who directly communicate or serve guests and users are advised to use a visor as well.Before starting work, it is necessary to ventilate the premises, wash, clean and disinfect the premises, utensils and equipment.Before using drinking water in the building, open all the taps and let the water flow out in a medium stream until the entire volume of water in the pipes is drained, ie until the water takes on its usual characteristics (loses any color and turbidity and its temperature rises).

    In case the water has changed characteristics even after detailed rinsing, it is necessary to contact the Customer Center of JKP “Naissus” on tel .: 018 / 502-777, or the Institute of Public Health Nis on tel .: 018 / 42-33-587, local 142.When using disinfectants, take care of the correct application in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the purpose, concentration, method of application and the necessary contact time.

    STRICTLY TAKE CARE OF THE DISINFECTANT DO NOT COME IN CONTACT WITH FOOD !!!Provide marked places for hygienic disposal of waste in the facility and garden (used masks, gloves and other waste) – a bag in a bin with a foot pedal. Waste is collected in appropriate bags which are further treated in accordance with the management procedure with the prescribed protection measures.In all catering facilities, in accordance with the possibilities, separate the procedures for charging services from food service activities (an employee who serves food and drinks should not charge for services).In prominent places, place a notice on prevention measures (keeping a distance, wearing masks and gloves when taking over, hand disinfection, with the recommendation of a short stay).

    On the outside of the counters, accessible to customers, place a dozer pump or a pump with a disinfectant spray.At the entrance to the facility, install dis-barriers and disinfectants for hand disinfection for mandatory disinfection upon entering the facility (in accordance with the possibilities – contactless dispensers).The arrangement of tables in the closed or open space of catering facilities should be organized so that the distance between the guests sitting at the same or adjacent tables is not less than the prescribed social distance of 2 meters. Otherwise, provide physical barriers (made of plexiglass or other solid material) that will divide the space between the tables.During the operation of the facility:Discard serving of ketchup, mustard, sauces, oils, pickles, sugar, teas, etc. from shared containers, as well as self-service accessories from shared gondolas.

    Use disposable paper menus, which are discarded after each guest, or possibly reusable menus, suitable for disinfection, which must be disinfected after each guest. Whenever possible, highlight the menu in places that are visible to guests, which would reduce the possibility of contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.Control the process of washing dishes – obligatory machine washing or, if there are no conditions for that, washing with detergent at the highest possible temperature with final disinfection with a special disinfectant.Ventilate catering facilities regularly, in accordance with the weather, in a natural way (by opening windows). Do not use artificial ventilation of closed centralized type, as well as air conditioning in buildings if it is a split system (a system in which air circulates inside the room by passing through the indoor unit of the air conditioner without exchanging it with outside fresh air).Promote contactless payment by cards (the user places the card on the reading machine, without touching it by the employee).

    If the service is paid for in cash, hand / glove disinfection is required after each payment, and before any other action.Pay special attention to the use of sanitary facilities:- On the entrance door to the sanitary premises, place a notice on the obligatory disinfection of hands before and after use. Optionally and in front of the entrance door to the sanitary facilities, place a dispenser with disinfectant;- Control the individual entry of visitors into the sanitary facilities;- Upon entering, the person must have a mask;- At the entrance and at the exit, the person must wash and disinfect his hands;- Liquid soap, warm water and disposable paper hand towels or a hand dryer, as well as a dispenser with a hand sanitizer based on 70% alcohol (optionally another recommended disinfectant) must be available in the sanitary facilities – they recommend are non-contact dozers;- Several times during the day to clean and disinfect sanitary facilities, floors and all surfaces with which it comes into contact; COUNTER ISSUE (KIOSKS):For service users by type of order, if it is possible to separate the ordering and payment procedure from the product issuance procedure – the work is performed by two people at different counters with respect to social distancing.

    It is obligatory to disinfect the hands and the counter after each customer, as well as after each individual action (after each payment, and before issuing an order in situations when the same person does it).Depending on the possibilities, install partitions / protection between employees and users, made of plexiglass or other material that can be washed and disinfected.In accordance with the possibilities, clearly mark the routes of access and distance from the facility, in order to avoid crowding, while respecting social distance – maintaining a distance between customers of at least 2m while waiting for billing or picking up food and beverages (eg visible marking with lines on asphalt ).

    FOOD AND BEVERAGE DELIVERY – CATERING:The employee is obliged to wear a mask and gloves (preferably a visor) during delivery.Be sure to announce your arrival (by phone or by answering the intercom).When placing an order, keep as much distance from the customer as possible.After receiving cash from the user, be sure to disinfect the gloves if no change is possible.Hygiene and disinfection of delivery vehicles should be carried out as often as possible (preferably after each completed “delivery cycle”).

    PERSONAL HYGIENE OF EMPLOYEES:The most important is hand hygiene, which means more frequent hand washing, soap and water, at least 20 seconds and always after using the toilet, before preparing, serving or consuming food, after coughing, sneezing and using handkerchiefs, contact with surfaces that often touch, before putting on and after taking off gloves, after contact with guests or service users, etc .; after washing, disinfect your hands (disinfectants based on 70% alcohol are recommended).Avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose. OBLIGATIONS OF EMPLOYERS:a) The employer has the obligation to:Conducts monitoring of the health condition of employees upon arrival at work (in accordance with the possibilities – through non-contact measurement of body temperature or by monitoring the appearance of symptoms of the disease).Immediately remove from work the employee who has symptoms of the disease – fever, symptoms (even mild) of respiratory or intestinal diseases.The space in which such a person stayed ventilates and thoroughly disinfects all surfaces, objects, accessories and equipment with special disinfectants in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, with the obligatory use of personal protective equipment.

    Employees who were in close contact (performing work at a distance of less than 2 m) with a person who was confirmed to have COVID-19 infection are considered exposed and further procedure is in accordance with the recommendations of the competent health institutions.It organizes more frequent short breaks for employees to rest during work, given the obligation to wear personal protective equipment and the need for consistent application of other prevention measures, which additionally engage employees.b) The employer is obliged to inform the employees about the need to:Monitoring one’s own health condition and reporting the appearance of symptoms of respiratory or intestinal disease and fever, with the obligation to call the superior, and the obligatory absence from work and further action in accordance with official recommendations.Use of personal protective equipment (mask, work uniform, gloves, while in cases where it is not possible to avoid contact less than 2 m use a visor)Respect for social distance – a distance of 2m in accordance with the possibilities during all work processes, but also during breaks.Implementation of measures of enhanced personal hygiene, especially more frequent washing and disinfection of hands.Implementation of measures of enhanced general hygiene – more frequent washing and disinfection of premises, surfaces, equipment.

    Regular ventilation of the space OBLIGATIONS FOR GUESTS:Guests must enter the catering facilities with a mask, which must also be worn when picking up food and drinks via home delivery or counter sales.Only guests can stay in the building without masks while they are at their table.In all other cases of staying in the facility, arrival / departure, ordering, collection, payment at the counter, use of sanitary facilities, guests must wear a mask (or other type of protective cover for nose and mouth).

    The order applies to all business entities in the territory of the City of Nis registered to perform activities in the field of retail trade, which includes the sale of food and beverages in restaurants and the sale of food to carry, as well as bookmakers, casinos and slot machines.The stated provisions of the Order will be adjusted and, if necessary, supplemented or changed in accordance with the decisions of the Republic and City Emergency Headquarters, the situation on the ground and the phased approach in the organization and work of catering facilities.Supervision and control of the application of the provisions of this Order shall be performed by the competent inspection services.For non-compliance with the stated measures and obligations from the Order, the penal provisions of the Law on Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases will be applied (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 15/2016).

    COMMANDER Darko Bulatović