Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 06.07.2019


    Last weekend a “HEALTH BAZAR” was held on the plateau in front of the Nis Cultural Center. The host of this health activity, implemented in cooperation with the Niš Health Center, was the Palilula City Municipality. On this occasion, citizens were able to check their health free of charge and on-site. Promoters of this activity were the President of Palilula, Aleksandar Ždrale with his associates and the director of the Health Center in Niš, Prof. Dr. Milorad Jerkan. “As is well known, the aim of this project is to raise awareness and care for the health of each resident.

    Priority in our joint work and cooperation, Palilula Municipality and Niš Health Center, which has been very successful so far, pointed out Professor Milorad Jerkan, Director of the Health Center, promoting healthy lifestyles and new opportunities in the prevention and treatment of citizens in the Health Center Nis. With the management of the Health Center in Niš we have agreed that these free preventative examinations are still being organized in the urban settlements of the municipality and in the rural area where there are no health stations, the activity “Getting closer to the patients” is successfully carried out, which is mainly directed towards the elderly and poorly movable. According to Alexander Ždrale, President of Palilula Municipality, health check actions significantly influence the change of bad life habits of our citizens, which is the main problem of achieving quality and effective health care in our society today.

    Today I am here with my closest associates, the Speaker of the Assembly, the members of the Municipal Council, the employees of the Municipality, emphasized Ždrale, to promote this health activity by personal example. According to Prof. Dr. Milorad Jerkan, Director of the Health Center in Niš, health teams worked on blood sugar checks, determining the percentage of body fat, determining BMI, measuring blood pressure, screening youth, sharing tips on proper nutrition athletes, sharing educational material with expert advice from physicians regarding health and healthy lifestyles. The nurses used the medical model for breast self-examination, demonstrated the examination and distributed educational materials. The Youth Counseling Team distributed educational material to young people on the topic of sexually transmitted diseases, proper nutrition, and reproductive health. The Adult Health Service, the Child Health Service, the Physical Medicine Service, the Polyvalent Patronage Service, and the Specialty Consulting Services also actively participated.