Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 10.12.2019


    On December 10, the Nis Cultural Center Palilula Municipality hosted a Public Debate on the Draft Budget Decision for 2020. Many of the citizens present and interested representatives of the citizens’ association were addressed by the President of Palilula, Aleksander Ždrale, who emphasized: The Civic Budget is a concise and clear outline of the draft Budget Decision of the Municipality of Palilula for 2020, which in its form is very extensive and difficult to understand because of the specific concepts and classifications that make it up.

    Although it is impossible to explain the entire budget in such a short form, we sincerely hope that in this way we will be able to inform you about the way of raising public funds and generating revenues and receiving the budget of the municipality, as well as the way of planning, distribution and spending of budget funds. Through this transparent approach, we strive to improve the understanding and interest of our citizens for local finances, and in the future we expect the cooperation of local self-government and residents of Palilula municipality in jointly setting goals, defining priorities and planning the development of our municipality.

    The draft decision on the budget of Palilula City Municipality for 2020 was explained by Ivan Dragišić, Head of the Finance Department. He informed the audience that the Draft Budget for the next year was planned at the level of 145,258,942.00 dinars and that he foresees, as in previous years, the care for the poorest citizens from the territory of Palilula Municipality, money intended for associations of citizens in the field of culture, sports as well as funding for preschools and primary schools. It should be noted that for the next year, for the first time after many years, there are also funds for the construction of uncategorized roads in the amount of ten million dinars. The Palilula City Council, after reviewing the Draft and the Report on the Public Hearing, will determine the Proposal of the Decision on the budget of the Palilula City Municipality for 2020.