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  • PUBLISHED 01.10.2018



    On the occasion of marking the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE OLD, a special ceremony took place on October 1 at the Adult and Elderly Home “Eskulap Center” (Naselje 9. maj). The residents of the home were visited by the President of the Palilula Municipality, Aleksandar Ždrale, with associates and the cultural and artistic program, was prepared by the pupils of Elementary School “Branko Radičević”, Gabrovac.

    The International Day of the Elderly is being celebrated on October 1 in the world and in our country with the aim to emphasize the importance of adjusting the environment in which we live to the needs and abilities of the inhabitants of the third age. In order to improve the position of older people, as well as other vulnerable social groups, it is necessary that the principle of respecting diversity, tolerance and non-violence is further brought closer to citizens, and it is especially important that it becomes a model of behavior and action of young people, because only in this way can we become truly modern a democratic society, said the President of Palilula.

    Palilula Municipality does not make a difference between private and other homes for this purpose. Bearing in mind the need for assistance to this category of population, the Municipality, in cooperation with the competent state authorities and interested organizations and individuals, will seek a solution to improve this aspect of social protection and care. As you can see, at this location in the settlement “9.MAJ” it is possible to expand the capacities and build another block for accommodation. Our desire is to find investors in cooperation with the City and the relevant Ministry of the Government of Serbia, which will invest in the construction of new homes, because this is a need not only in our environment but also throughout the Republic of Serbia