Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 20.08.2020


    Predsednik skupstine Nikola Bozic

    Nikola Božić, a graduate economist, was elected president of the Assembly of Palilula Municipality in the new convocation.

    At the constitutive session of Palilula Municipal Assembly, which was held on August 20 in the hall of the Nis Cultural Center, the mandates of 25 councilors were verified. In accordance with the overall results of the elections for councilors of the Assembly of the City Municipality of Palilula held on June 21, 2020, the Assembly of the Municipality of Palilula will consist of nineteen councilors from the electoral list Aleksandar Vučić – FOR OUR CHILDREN, three councilors from the SPS-JS list and one councilor from the list. Aleksandar Šapić – Victory for Niš, from the list “Niš, my city – Moja Palilula” and from the list Metla 2020 – Living Wall.

    At the proposal of the President of the Assembly, Jovica Damnjanović, a law graduate, was appointed Secretary of Palilula Municipal Assembly at the constitutive session. In the first meeting with the journalists, the President of the Assembly emphasized: “The election to the position of the President of the Municipal Parliament (Assembly of the City Municipality of Palilula) is a great honor for me, but also a responsibility. This shows the approach of the Srpska naoredna stranka and our President Aleksandar Vučić towards the young people who have been entrusted with responsible duties.

    In the previous period, I performed the duty of vice president and actively participated in the work of the Municipal council and other municipal bodies. I am familiar with the problems that the population of the Municipality of Palilula has and the plans for further development of our territorial organization of the City of Nis, in which more than eighty thousand inhabitants live.

    The constitutive session of the Assembly of Palilula Municipality was chaired by the oldest councilor Svetislav Petrović, and he was assisted by the youngest councilor Nemanja Božović.