Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 29.09.2018



    In the industrial zone Lozni kalem, in the Municipality of Niška Banja, a new one Filipino factory for electronic auto components “IMI” was opened, which will employ 1,250 people, of which 500 engineers. The opening of the 14,000-square-meter factory at the Lozni kalem was attended by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and the management of IMI, led by Arturo Tano, executive director of global affairs of this company, representatives of the City, City Municipalities. The President of the Municipality of Palilula, Aleksandar Ždrale, attended this ceremony.

    President Vucic said that today we open the door of the future of the 21st century and become part of global trends. He pointed out that he is proud of the fact that after two years the work on raising this factory has been brought to an end, that 74 people are already employed, mainly from Niš and the surrounding area, with a total of 1,200, with the possibility of further growth of the number of employees. After opening the factory, Vucic said he would try to build a regional economic center from Nis. “We want our people to work in industries that grow. I am grateful to the people of Niš that they welcomed every investor, “Vucic said and told Imi representatives that they will always be with them, in order to hire as many people as possible. Vucic said that the first line and the first 74% of workers, mostly from Niska Banja -Spa of Nis and Nis, started operating in that factory. He added that the products from Imi in Niš would go to the most important companies around the world, like Bosch. “I am proud that after two years now we are standing here in this beautiful hall,” said Vucic, who thanked Bulgarian friends and invited him to help Serbia at all times.

    “I want to have good results and to employ as many of our citizens as possible,” Vucic said, adding that all roads that will be built will make Niš a crossroads of all roads. Representatives of IMI emphasized the great gratitude to the local self-government and the state for their generous help in the realization of this great project and said that the factory, however modern it can be, does not mean anything without people, and that therefore all those who work in this facility will be able to count on the best possible working conditions. Construction of the factory lasted less than a year. The investment is worth more than 33 million euros, and about 14,000 square meters of state-of-the-art facilities will produce electronic components for the automotive and information technology industries in Europe and countries where IMI has its own facilities and business partners.