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  • PUBLISHED 09.06.2020


    The President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, opened the Science and Technology Park in Niš today (June 9th) and said that Serbia, from a country that was a paradigm in the fact that people did not believe in their future, became a country where that changed and began. We believe that we can be better than others in economic development as well.

    “These are some young, successful people with innovative ideas who believe in their country and future and can be more successful than others,” said President Vučić.

    President Vučić told the young talents, whose companies were given the opportunity to develop in NTP, that the state will look to help them as much as possible and that the 13 million euros invested so far in NTP is a trifle for what will they give the state. “I am happy to see the enthusiasm, that they now have their own space, good conditions and can do their job. We must do everything to have as many such people and schools as possible where they can acquire knowledge. These people feel the needs of the market, they have entered something new, unexplored. What we gave, 13 million euros, as much as was invested, is a trifle, for what it will give to the state. “Thanks to their intelligence and work,” said President Vučić. Representatives of startup companies introduced President Vučić, Prime Minister Ana Brnabić and ministers to the latest trends in the development of innovations. “I am very happy to see how the development of new technologies in Serbia is progressing,” said President Vučić, adding that Serbia will improve the legal framework for the development of blockchain technology, which will also be developed in the Science and Technology Park in Niš.

    President Vučić pointed out that the people of Niš have been fighting for decades for the opening of this scientific center. “Nisliije (people from Nis) have been fighting for decades for this Science and Technology Park. I remember the fears of energy and enthusiasm that I saw in Goran Djodjevic, who wanted to make a laboratory lamella at the Faculty of Electronics and the Science and Technology Park at any cost, “said President Vucic.

    President Vučić pointed out that the surplus of Serbia in software technologies and products is as much as 800 million euros, and that our exports are 1.4 billion. “Today in the modern world, whatever event or thing you do, it lasts a very short time. Here I met people of fearful energy and fantastic enthusiasm. We have made the way to incomparably more successful Nis. Here I saw faith and conviction that it would succeed, more than ever. I am especially happy because they told me that many people are returning to our country. “Does Serbia have anything in which it should invest more than this area and the knowledge of young people?” President Vučić asked. The President added that the IT sector in Serbia employs 70,000 people, and that the average salary is higher than 120,000 dinars. President Vučić also said that he would like Niš to reach and even surpass the level of Belgrade.

    “People in Nis are especially hungry for success and you can’t stop that. That is why I am sure that this is the most important thing in Nis that we have done. This building is beautiful, and I am satisfied that it seems to me that people are happy and that they believe that it is possible that this beautiful city can carry the development of Vranje, Leskovac, Pirot, Prokuplje, and other parts of the country. “Nis must go even stronger and faster, and I am convinced that these companies and 442 employees will have the best possible future,” President Vučić emphasized.President Vučić said that investments would continue in Niš, which is infrastructurally in the best place in Serbia. “If we find the money to build a fast Belgrade-Nis railway, along the highway, the southern and eastern branches, the beginning of the construction of the highway to Gracanica – Nis will be a real hub of roads in Serbia and Southeast Europe,” said President Vucic. “The speed of progress of this part of Serbia is proportional to the speed of progress of the whole of Serbia. This is a huge step forward for Serbia, “he underlined.(President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić and Prime Minister Ana Brnabić at the opening of the Science and Technology Park in Niš. This event was also attended by the President of the City Municipality of Palilula, Aleksandar Ždrale.