Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 09.10.2019


    Palilula Municipality and the Municipal President Aleksandar Ždrale are in favor of the completion of the planned works within the program of construction land on the city territory. This refers first of all for the parts of Palilula municipality where work has begun but has not yet been completed. This was the reason for the President to visit the citizens who live in Marko Jovanovic Street, Local Community – Rasadnik.

    During the meeting of citizens, which was held on Wednesday, October 9, was discussed about the dynamics of the final works on the construction of the sewage network, the continuation of the water supply network, the arrangement of street lighting, and especially the paving of this street. Good co-operation and organized performance of the Citizens Council of this settlement, according to President Ždrale, considered the needs of the residents and provided the sources of financing for the completion of the planned investments.