Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 05.10.2019


    Palilula President Aleksandar Zdrale, with his associates, presented the Palilula Municipality awards to the participants of the 10th AUTO MOTO FEST – NIS 2019, October 5 at the SC Cair hall. The most attractive stand in the category of exhibitors was named Raavex group, for the cooperation with the customers a thank you letter was given to BROS AUTO for contributing to the organization of the Fair, the Krunić Car Dealer. What marked this jubilee fair of cars, engines and related equipment are certainly electric cars, which first appeared before the audience outside Belgrade. A thank you letter was presented to ZhiDou – Serbia for the contribution to environmental protection and participation at the Fair. For contributing to the development of entrepreneurship, the recognition of Palilula Municipality was given to Oliver Paunovic, the Fair’s director; City Marketing Center, organizer of the 10th Car, Motor and Accessories Fair, Maja Vodeničarski and Violeta Milićević.”

    Fair events, such as AUTO MOTO FEST, contribute to the strengthening of small and medium-sized enterprises and the promotion of the tourism industry in Nis. Our municipality of Palilula recognized this activity and supported the efforts of the organizers of the Fair-City Marketing Center and Oliver Paunovic, said President Aleksandr Zdrale. Thanks to the project activities of neighborhood cooperation in the Region, the Center for Entrepreneurship Development is successfully operating in the municipality of Palilula, whose activities have strengthened the entrepreneurial spirit in our area. The Municipality of Palilula has cooperated with the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nis in organizing fairs, exhibitions and other promotional events and educational programs. Development Action Program – The SME Development and Entrepreneurship Strategy (SMPP) in this unit of local self-government successfully encourages economic development and supports the SME sector.