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  • PUBLISHED 18.09.2018



    More than 5,000 workers in Nis have been working under undeclared working manner in the past two years, said President of the City Assembly of Niš, Rade Rajkovic, at the presentation of the project of the Ministry of Labor “Tell NO to undeclared work in Nis. Rajkovic said that in 2012, in Nis, the image of gray economy and black work has changed significantly thanks to the engagement of the labor inspection, its preventive and educational work, as well as the actions “Report Work on the Black” and “Tell NO Work on black”. Presentation of the project Strengthening the capacity of the Inspectorate for work and awareness raising for the purpose of combating black work – “Say NO to undeclared work” in the Association of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia – City of Nis, was attended by representatives of Nis Municipal Municipalities and employers from Nisava District. On the behalf of Palilula Municipality, this Conference was attended by the President of the Municipality Aleksandar Ždrale and associates.

    Acting Director of the Labor Inspectorate, Stevan Djurovic, pointed out that more than 22,700 persons who worked in black marked had been detected by the labor inspection in 2017, and out of that number, over 21,000 or 94 percent, they concluded a working relationship. “” The number of workers who work “in black” was reduced to reasonable figures, which should not be more than 3,000 to 5,000 annually, requires the participation of all ministries and subjects, “Djurovic said. He said that there are a lot of difficulties and the labor inspectorate alone can not solve the problem of gray economy and work “in black”. “Other ministries, primarily the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, the Ministry of Justice, Finance, Internal Affairs, as well as a number of other entities, must be involved.” The Director of the Labor Inspectorate pointed out that the Labor Inspectorates encountered major problems in suppressing the “work” black-and-white “case and referred to the non-motion of misdemeanor proceedings following the inspector’s reports and a small sentence imposed by the courts. According to him, 30 percent of misdemeanor applications submitted by labor inspectors are being annulled annually. He reminded that the law provides for fines for all entities that hold black workers in the amount of 800,000 to 2 million dinars, and there are numerous cases where courts impose a fine of between RSD 100,000 and 300,000. “Based on the misdemeanor applications submitted by the labor inspectorate, in the first seven months of this year RSD 150 million was paid to the budget of Serbia, but that the judgments were at least in the mean amount of what the law foresees, then RSD 1.9 billion would be added to the budget , “Djurovic said.

    Labor Inspector Milica Kitanović Ljujić said that the action “Say No to Work on Black” gives results because there is an expanded list of those who can turn to the inspection in preventive work, and besides that the inspection is made by citizens and workers who work “on the black” partners. Every individual has the ability to influence the suppression of black labor. If you want to contact the help desk and advice or submit an application, you can do so by clicking on the #NeRaduNaCrno #NeRaduNaCrno link.

    According to the president of the Alliance of Independent Trade Unions, Olivera Bobic, the biggest problem in suppressing black market is that people are still afraid to report employers because they will lose their jobs.