Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 17.11.2020



    Palilula Municipal Assembly met on Tuesday, November 17, in the hall of the Nis Cultural Center – NKC. At the 4th session, chaired by the President of the Assembly Nikola Božić, after the adoption of the minutes from the previous session, the councilors considered and adopted the Decision on Amendments to the Decision on the Budget of Palilula Municipality for 2020.

    With these changes and amendments to the Decision on the Budget, according to the Head of the Department for Finance, Property-Legal and Communal Affairs of the Administration of the Municipality of Palilula, Ivan Dragišić, “total revenues and incomes and expenses and expenses were reduced by 11,532,000.00 dinars. The need to start drafting the rebalance arose in order to harmonize the existing Budget with the realistic framework, which arose due to the Corona virus pandemic, which resulted in slightly lower revenues than we expected. Current income decreased by 18,468,000.00 dinars and current expenses 5,321,000.00, while expenditures for non-financial assets decreased by 13,147,000.00 dinars.

    The biggest changes were in the following programs: Agriculture and rural development (reduced by 7,499,000.00 dinars), Social and child protection (reduced by 1,700,000.00 dinars). Development of culture and information (decreased by 1,000,000.00 dinars), Development of sports and youth (decreased by 480,000.00 dinars), Local self-government (decreased by 5,817,216.00 dinars) and Political system of local self-government (decreased by 1,271,784.00 dinars). The councilors were also acquainted with the report on the execution of the budget of the Municipality of Palilula for the period from January 1 to September 30, 2020.

    The President of the Municipality, Bratislav Vuckovic, informed the members of the Assembly about the activities that the new leadership has implemented in the past period. At this session, in the presence of the president of the Municipality Bratislava Vuckovic, members of the Municipal council, the head of the Municipal administration Slobodanka Djordjevic Mladenovic, the councilors adopted the “Code of Ethics for local government officials” of the City Municipality of Palilula. (Dragan Vidojkovic)