Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 29.09.2018



    Association Rotaract Club “Nis – Konstantin Veliki”, in cooperation with the Fitness Club “Legionaries” and the support of the Palilula Municipality, organized a humanitarian functional tournament in the elementary school “Dusan Radovic” on September 29th. Representative of Palilula Municipality at the tournament was Filip Cvetković, Palilula Youth Office, associate.

    This sporting event was designed as a polygonal fitness competition and included exercises that are created for everyone and that develop the whole body. The competition took place in teams of 2 participants, and promoted socializing and team work. “We have teamed up with the desire to organize a specific event in Niš,” said Rotarakt Club President Aleksandra Stojanovic. Sport and recreation are an important segment of quality and healthy life, which is increasingly absent as a form of activity among young people. We want to bring new, popular exercise methods closer to everyone, and encourage them to engage more actively in sports. We invested our energy and resources and invited the organization to join us in this humanitarian project. This year, we will also carry out the humanitarian action “AktiViranje”, which aims to raise funds for the purchase of a mobile phone for the most endangered kindergarten in Nis, all through sports activation of young people. In the realization of this humanitarian campaign, several partners have already joined in to engage their resources in order to organize a quality sporting event. Preschool institution “Pčelica” immediately supported the initiative and compiled a list containing 10 kindergartens in the Nis area, whose yards provide the least content for playing and spotting activities of children.

    Rotaract Club “Nis-Konstantin Veliki” was founded in 2007 and gathers young and ambitious people aged 18-30. During 11 years of work, according to the president of Rotaract club Aleksandra Stojanovic, numerous activities have been organized to help the local community.