Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 11.01.2020


    Director of the Clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases KC Niš, Assistant Professor Tomislav Kostić, PhD, the actor of the National Theater in Niš Miroljub Nedović Riki and Women’s Football Club Mašinac, received the award of the City of Niš “January 11”.

    At the ceremonial meeting of the City Assembly, held on the occasion of the Liberation Day of Nis from the Turks, at the Saint Sava Hall, this prestigious award, charter, a statuette, and monetary part were presented to the laureates by Nis Mayor Darko Bulatovic and Rade Rajkovic, President of the City Assembly.

    The ceremony was attended by Palilula President Aleksandar Zdrale with his associates and President of Palilula Assembly Adriana Anastasov. Actor Miroljub Nedovic lives in Palilula and the headquarters of the Masinac Women’s Soccer Club is in the Delijski Vis in Palilula municipality, which was the reason for the joint photo and congratulations of President Aleksandar Ždrale.

    The call for proposals launched in early December last year received 30 proposals (twenty-one for individuals and nine for organizations and institutions). The Niš City Council Commission has decided to award only three awards this year in accordance with the criteria.