Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 04.12.2018



    Cherishing the tradition of the Serbian Armed Forces, the Military Hospital in Nis, in the presence of the representatives of the City of Nis, the City Municipality of Palilula, the pensioners’ associations, delegations of associations that care for the liberal traditions of Serbia, the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center and numerous admirers of this institution, Veterans’ Day by laying wreaths on a memorial dedicated to the victims of the disease in the great epidemic of typhoid typhus and wounded fighters from the beginning of the First World War.

    On behalf of the City Municipality of Palilula, wreaths were laid by Aleksandar Zdrale and member of the Municipal Council Ivica Stojanovic.”The opportunity is to pay homage to the hymns and to pay tribute to numerous famous and unknown heroes, fighters, patriots and humanists who have written glorious pages of the history of warfare in these areas,” said Colonel Dr. Jovica Stanojkovic in a welcoming speech to the present officials. By their bravery, courage and, above all, humanity, they contributed to victories in numerous liberation wars, giving us the greatest values of today: love for defeat and life in freedom. The duty of all of us is not to forget their victims and to be their worthy successors. For future generations, we wish you never to feel the bitterness of warfare, stressed Dr. Stanojkovic. On this occasion, we will read the congratulations of the Minister of Defense, Alexander Vulin: “I give all military veterans my heartfelt congratulations on the 4th of December – Veterans Day.

    Continuing the tradition of the old warriors of the Army of the Kingdom of Serbia, today we celebrate one of the biggest military holidays – the Day of Military Veterans, recalling one of the biggest milestones in recent Serbian history – the signing of the ceasefire in the First Balkan War. By determining this military holiday, we have a deep-rooted need to save from forgetting all those who have done works for memory through the culture of remembering the stability of the Serbian people in the past wars and for our people’s difficult times. I congratulate you on the feast, hoping that we will be educated in your great work in the future to gain new battles in the fields of economics, diplomacy, science and culture, in the desire to never repeat the suffering of our people and the army in combat actions, and with the promise that the Ministry of Defense and The Serbian Armed Forces, as one of the elements of the defense system, contribute to the preservation of peace both in the country and in the region and wider.The reconciliation in the First Balkan War between the allies of the Kingdom of Serbia, the Kingdom of Montenegro, the Kingdom of Bulgaria on the one hand and the Ottoman Empire, as defeated, on the other hand, was signed on 4 December 1912. years. About 400,000 fighters of the Kingdom of Serbia got the status “Old Warrior”.

    The concern about their status was taken over by the Ministry of Military Affairs. With the allocation of property in the southern part of the Kingdom of Serbia, the state and the government expressed concern for veterans and acknowledged their participation in the defense of the country. Such a relationship with the fighters has largely influenced their motivation for participation in the wars that followed.The Day of War Veterans is one of the biggest military holidays marked in order to preserve the culture of recollection of military veterans and fallen paramilitary forces, evaluating and nurturing military traditions in the Ministry of Defense and the Army of Serbia.