Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 12.02.2021



    The delegation of Palilula Municipality Aerodrom, City of Skopje in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, which is on a two-day visit to the City Municipality of Palilula Nis on February 11 and 12, was received by the Deputy Mayor of Nis, Dusica Davidovic.

    Representatives of this Municipality in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, which was founded in 2005 and has about 80,000 inhabitants, were received by the President of Palilula Municipality, Bratislav Vuckovic.

    He met with the Mayor of the Aerodrom Municipality Zlatko Marin and members of the delegation from the Republic of Northern Macedonia, the President of the Municipal Council, Ivan Cvetkovski, the Head of the Mayor’s Sector, Aleksandar Djordjievski and the Director of the Public Company for Management of Airport Development Projects Vladimir Stevkov in the presence of the Assembly, the Municipal Council and the Administration of the Municipality of Palilula, organized two working meetings.

    Due to the epidemiological situation, which were held in the hall of the “Tami” hotel on February 11, the possibilities of cooperation on a number of projects, exchange of experiences, the twinning of the Municipality of Aerodrom with the Municipality of Palilula were discussed. According to the host, President Bratislav Vuckovic, the guests expressed interest in meeting with the Mayor of Nis Dragana Sotirovski, guests from the Republic of Northern Macedonia, on the second day of their stay in Nis, will attend a meeting in the City Municipality of Palilula, laying wreaths at the Red Cross Camp, the visit will be the Memorial Park “Bubanj” and the promotion of the book in the Nis Cultural Center.

    According to Mayor Zlatko Marin, the Municipality of Aerodrom recently promoted to the public a four-year strategic platform for local economic development 2021-2025 under the motto “Aerodrom- the first Municipality with a European flag”. The platform includes about twenty European development projects for a clean environment, better urban life and the development of rural parts of rural areas of the municipality of Aerodrom. Cooperation with the municipality of Palilula in Nis opens new opportunities for development on the European path.