Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 27.01.2020


    Palilula President Aleksandar Zdrale and his associates attended this year’s St Sava Academy held at the Branko Radicevic Elementary School in Gabrovac.
    In the presence of the school principal Glorija Radoičić, the President congratulated the students their Saint day and greeted the present guests.

    “It is important for our young children to learn from the values of the Svetosavlje world,” said the President of Palilula. “The way this saint renounced material values is actually a signpost for all of us, but also for our children, who, in these difficult times when aggression is lurking on all sides, must indicate that the saintly world is the right path to know the true values and deeper truths“.

    The day of the greatest Serbian Saint Sava in Palilula municipality was celebrated by students and professors from other schools and children with kindergarten teachers.