Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 12.03.2018



    In the framework of the activities for the protection and preservation of the health of the residents of the City of Nis, Palilula Municipality and the Health Center Nis, are implementing the project: “Accessibility of health services for women with an emphasis on women from the rural areas”. The first, of two separate actions of women’s medical examinations, was held on March 12 in the premises of the Center for Preventive Health Services of the Health Center Nis. Women from rural areas and women with mobility problems, from the territory of the Palillula municipality, were able to check the blood sugar level, check the blood pressure.

    There was also education for breast self-examination and general gynecological examination. For women over the age of 50, mammographic examinations will be organized (women who did not have mammography in the previous two years).In addition to these examinations, small diagnostic procedures will be carried out within: screening for type 2 diabetes; screening for cardiovascular disease; screening for depression; screening on colorectal cancer. According to Adriana Anastasov, President of the Assembly of the GO of Palilula Nis, the Municipality of Palilula has provided the transportation of women from rural areas to preventive health checks in precisely anticipated terms, as well as information through media campaigns and distribution of promotional materials – leaflets about the significance of such reviews. The second separate action of medical examinations of women will be held on October 15 in the premises of the Center for Preventive Health Services of the Health Center Nis