Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 29.11.2018



    Within the framework of the EU “United in Diversity” project, the Association of Slovenian-Serbian friendship “Zdravica”, which has its headquarters in Niš, took part from 24 to 27 October 2018 in the activities held in Brežice, Republic of Slovenia. At this international meeting, the organization from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia, `Zdravica` Company represented South Serbia together with participants from Bela Palanka and Prokuplje.

    Thanks to the support of the Municipality of Palilula Nis, members of the Society of Slovenian-Serbian Friendship successfully presented the City of Niš and the Municipality of Palilula. According to Boban Petkovic, the aim of this EU project was to get to know each other in the region and their cultures both through tradition and through the artistic creativity of each of them. The hospitality and organization of the hosts were at an enviable level.

    We presented ourselves in artistic creation – our young Filip Krstic from Elementary School `Kralj Petar Prvi` (GO Palilula – Niš) as well as the vocal performance of our members Snežana Kojadinović and Branka Stojković (GO Palilula). In the field of film art, we have shown a wonderful report from our partners from Bela Palanka – the Tourist Organization and the Municipality of Bela Palanka, which speaks about the presence of many languages in southern Serbia, but that the mutual relations of the members of these people are excellent despite the differences. KUD Mladost from Vranje, whose choreographer was a member of the Society, Ana Stojković also helped to represent our country by playing dances from southern Serbia. This performance aroused the crowd’s applause in the audience.We met at these encounters of new friends, agreed on cooperation not only in the field of culture, but in other areas where we already opened a space for cooperation between our municipalities and cities. A huge positive experience, for us, is covered by memories of the nice moments spent in socializing with the members of the partner organizations on the project. We expect a new meeting on EU projects.

    Society of Slovenian-Serbian friendship Niš