Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 21.09.2018



    On behalf of the Municipality of Palilula, the President of the City Municipality of Palilula, Aleksandar Ždrale, condemned the vandalism of the defamation of the Memorial -Costume Monument, the Bulgarian soldiers in Ledena Stena settlement in Niš. In cooperation with the competent authorities, the Police Administration Nis, the institutions and public utility companies of the City of Niš, an investigation was launched immediately and the removal of graffiti with the memorial was initiated.
    At this site, 2,015 Bulgarian soldiers were killed in the final fights for the liberation of Yugoslavia in World War II, and in 1948 a memorial was erected. With the support of the City and the Palilula Municipality, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Nis in 2005 prepared a project for restoration and conservation of this Memorial. Some of the works were already carried out on the basis of the interstate agreement already in that period.

    Every year, in cooperation with the “Europe Day” and the Celebration Day of Bulgarian Army, in cooperation with the Embassy of Bulgaria and the Consulate in Nis, we place wreaths at this Memorial place kosturnica, says the president of Palilula Aleksandar Ždrale. We have very good cooperation with several cities in Bulgaria on cross-border cooperation projects. We want to improve our cooperation in this spirit. “This Memorial to Bulgarian soldiers occupies a significant place among numerous monuments located on the territory of our municipality, the Mayor of Palilula said. Irresponsible individuals often ruin these places with thir graffiti on the facades of residential buildings and memorials. We recently had a restoration of the monument at Bubanj Hill, interventions at the Old Cemetery, the Military Cemetery. The competent police authorities are working intensively to detect the perpetrators of vandalism

    Minister of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs in the Government of the Republic of Serbia Zoran Djordjevic