Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 14.10.2018



    Waiting the International Walking Day – October 15th, members of the offices for youth of the Municipalites Palilula and Pantelej, with the presence and support of “Avon dama” from the company `Avon`, marked this day with a walk to the memorial park “Bubanj”. The young people from two municipalities, together with their friends, created a banner on the month of the fight against breast cancer. The slogan “Fight for yourself, fight for life” is a message to all who fight against this disease and support for their close ones! Modern lifestyles result in less and less time for recreation, because everyone is in a hurry, at work or in school for what a car or city transport is necessary.

    Modernization has led to the broad use of computers, which are beginning to be used by children at the earliest age, thus gaining the habit of spending spare time sitting in a chair in front of the computer. In this way, the number of people suffering from diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases in pre-school and school children is increasing, the World Health Organization reports. The Sport World Association, 24 years ago, declared 15th October the International Day of Walking, in order to promote physical activity. The campaign was supported by the World Health Organization, linking it with its global initiative “Walking to Health”