Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 02.12.2020


    Formirana radna tela skupštine

    The fifth regular session of Palilula Municipal Assembly, chaired by Nikola Božić, was held on December 2 in the hall of the Niš Cultural Center. After the adoption of the agenda and excerpts from the minutes from the previous session, the announced decision on confirming the mandate of the members of the Assembly from the electoral list “ALEKSANDAR VUCIC – FOR OUR CHILDREN” and taking the oath was postponed for the next session.

    At this session, the decision on the compensation of councilors, members of working bodies and councilor groups in the Assembly of the Palilula Municipality was harmonized. The councilors made a decision on the formation of the Committee for European Integration and for cooperation with the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities and the election of members and presidents of ten parliamentary committees, by areas: youth, sports, social issues, education, utilities and work with citizens’ councils. for projects and entrepreneurship, gender equality and equal opportunities, for culture and historical heritage, environmental protection, economy and sustainable development.

    According to the words of the President of the Assembly, Nikola Božić, the City Municipality of Palilula realizes a very dynamic activity on its territory and considers the initiatives and requests of the citizens. We are working in accordance with the ACTION PLAN, which is a term until 2021, says Božić. The management of the Municipality is constantly on the ground, in the settlements, the president of the municipality, Bratislav Vuckovic, emphasized in the report he submitted to the members of the Assembly. This year, under the onslaught of the covid19 pandemic, the implementation of numerous projects has slowed down. We are focused on activities to protect the health of residents, but also on solving infrastructure projects in the city and in rural areas. I expect that in the next year, with the support of the City and the Republic, we will give a new impetus to improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of our municipality. (D.V.)