Gradska opstina Palilula

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  • PUBLISHED 14.01.2021



    In the City Municipality of Palilula, a working meeting of the Municipal leadership was held on January 14 with the delegation of the City of Nis on current communal issues and inter-municipal cooperation. This meeting, chaired by the President of Palilula Municipality, Bratislav Vuckovic, was attended by the Assistant Mayor of Nis, Ljubisa Janic, a member of the City Council, Miroslav Djokic, in charge of cooperation with City Municipalities, inspection services, public and public utility companies and a member of the City Council. Nenad Stanković, in charge of planning and construction.

    On behalf of the Municipality of Palilula, the meeting was also attended by the President of the Assembly of the City Municipality of Palilula, Nikola Božić, member of the City Council of Palilula, Dušan Pujović, in charge of property law and civil – communal affairs, traffic, roads and infrastructure, relations with public companies and institutions. in the City of Nis, inspection affairs (communal and construction), the head of the administration Slobodanka Djordjevic Mladenovic and the head of the department for legal and joint affairs Natasa Pecic Kostadinovic.

    According to the mayor Bratislav Vuckovic, it was agreed that the Municipality of Palilula is working on drafting decisions: on communal inspection; communal order; conditions for keeping domestic animals and pets, as well as the drafting of an agreement on inter-municipal cooperation of the city municipalities of the City of Nis, in order to more efficiently perform communal supervision. The municipality of Palililula will join the submission of the initiative of the city municipalities to draft a decision on communal inspection. (D.V.)